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Emerentia Primary school is fortunate to have highly qualified educators who provide the learners with a high standard of education in a structured and disciplined classroom. 


Ms Bantjes
Ms Reynolds
Grade R
Ms Byleveld
Grade 5
Ms Gaibee
Grade 3 (Grade Head)
Mrs Areff
Grade 2 (Grade Head)
Mr Zande
Grade 5 (Grade Head)
Mrs Alexander
Grade 4
Ms Hewer
Grade 6 (Grade Head)

Mrs Wadee
Grade RW (Grade Head)
Mrs Boodryk
Grade 4 (Grade Head)
Mrs Moola
Grade 7
Ms Vally
Grade 5
Mrs Bhyat
Grade 2
Mrs Harie
Grade 3
Mrs Hourrides
Grade 1 (Grade Head)
Mrs van Heerden
Grade 1 (H.O.D Foundation Phase)
Ms Royeppen
Grade 6
Mrs Dawray
Grade 3

Ms Molise
Grade 7 (Grade Head)
Ms Rabbaney
H.O.D Intermediate Phase
Mrs Tema
Grade 1
Ms Bedeman
Computer Teacher
Mrs Variawa
Deputy Principal

Mr Mabhikwa
Grade 4a